Site Navigation

There are generally at least two ways to navigate to a page of the web-site (

The dynamic menus (blue, centred, just below the grey fixed menu at the top of the main page) have links to reach all the pages of the site.

The dynamic menus work with JavaScript. You must have JavaScript (you don't need Java) enabled in your Browser Settings in order for the dynamic menus to work.

Each page of this web-site is reachable from in-page links (like this one, which will take you to the "Help Introduction"), so you should be able to get to every page.

Many of the entries in my Personal News Blog and the Site Change Log contain links to other pages. In the Personal News Blog, these are mostly links to new photo galleries; in the Site Change Log these are links to new or updated pages.

Unless you chose to hide it (by clicking on "Nav." in the Fixed Menu), the context line will be shown below the dynamic menu, to the left. Whenever you open a page, whether via the dynamic menus or the in-page links, the page context is updated. It shows you the name or content of the page you are currently displaying; if there are ancestors to the displayed page (i.e. pages you would have viewed while navigating to this page), they are also displayed here, and they are clickable links to take you back to those ancestor pages) - this is called breadcrumb navigation, like in the Windows file explorer.

Clicking the "Home" icon (looks like a house) in the fixed menu will navigate you back to the home page.

You can also click my photo (if you have chosen to display it) at any time to get back to the home page.

Many of my pages contain links to other sites. Normally, similar links from the same linking page are opened in the same named window (i.e. the same window is reused for the external links). If you want these to open in separate windows, you can do so using the right-click menu and selecting "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in New Window".