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This Man Wants To Legalise Prejudice

Posted on 29th May 2018

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This politician is unbelievable. As reported in this piece on Roll Call, Congressman Rohrabacher says it’s "OK to not sell homes to gay people". He wants the law changed to allow this kin of prejudice.

I thought, in the USA at least, we had got past this kind of prejudice, but apparently, I was wrong.

So, if we are going to change the law to make it legal to refuse to sell homes to gay people, why stop there? While we're at it, let's also legalise refusing to sell to other groups: fat people, ugly people (Representative Rohrabacher will be shit out of luck on those first two), Muslims, Roman Catholics, immigrants, women, Democrats, people who drive mustangs, people who eat sushi, and so on?

Those changes to the law will make the world a much better place, right?