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The USA Is Still In The Dark Ages for Internet!

Posted on 6th April 2022

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A friend living in the USA recently sent me a link to this article ("Nearly 1 in 4 Households Don’t Have Internet—and a Quarter Million Still Use Dial-Up"). Frankly, I was shocked.

Here in Europe we have complaints about our ISPs, but what we have is way better than what some Americans have (or don't have).

My friend has a wife who works from home, so he has to be very careful what he does online during her work hours, otherwise she can't work. As far as I can tell, their service is too slow for streaming services like Netflix. They only have IPv4, not IPv6. Their bandwidth is throttled because there are customers with more influence on the same spur of the connection.

He might be better off with a length of wet string, or maybe with carrier pigeons!

Seriously, he should perhaps look into Elon Musk's StarLink satellite-based Internet service.