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The UK Military Agrees With Me About Climate Change

Posted on 8th December 2016

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According to a study by UK military experts, as described on this story in the Huffington Post UK Edition, climate change will create An "epic" humanitarian crisis.

Some of these UK experts' predictions, backed-up by other experts from around the world, are very much in line with what I predicted in March 2014 in this post. There will be huge increases in:

  • Hurricanes/typhoons, floods, droughts, heat-waves, cold winters and other extreme weather;
  • Shortages of water and food, especially in vulnerable regions;
  • Disease and crop-pests;
  • Wars over food, water and other key resources;
  • The numbers of refugees and migrants;
  • Militarisation around the world, to deal with the threat of resource wars, and to limit immigration.