Here are some of my favourite restaurants. I have provided contact information, when I have it.

The Dalmatiner Grill (Web-Site)

Geibelstraße 10, 81679 München.
A wonderful Croatian restaurant in Bogenhausen. An excellent food, very efficient and friendly service, and a good wine list (Croatian wines, of course). Tel: +49 89 4704415

Kerala Restaurant (Web-Site)

Schumann Str.9, 81679 München.
A nice Indian restaurant in Bogenhausen. An extensive menu, and very friendly service. Not all the dishes are great, so you need to choose carefully. Tel: +49 89 41 200 548

Brasserie France (Web-Site)

Øvre Slottsgate 16, 0157 Oslo.
A classic French restaurant in the heart of Oslo. An excellent menu, very efficient and friendly service, and a great wine list (at typical Oslo prices, of course). Most days of the week you will need to book. Tel: +47 23 10 01 65

L'Angolo della Pizza (Web-Site)

Breisacherstraße 30, 81667 München (Haidhausen), Germany.
As you can tell from the name, this is a restaurant/pizzeria rather than fine Italian dining. Nevertheless the food and service are both very good for a restaurant of this class. Prices are reasonable. The place is very popular, so you will need to book, whatever day of the week it is. Tel: +49 89 448 89 79

Peperoncino (Web-Site)

8 Triq il-Bajja,
Ballutta Bay, St.Julians

Italian cuisine plus some Maltese specials. A very good selection of fish. The best spagetti vongole that I have eaten in years.
Excellent friendly service.
The wine list is really good, and virtually every wine is available by the glass.
Tel: +356 21 388 872

Fumia (Web-Site - often off-line)

La Vecchia Dogana, Sa Maison Road Pietà,
Italian style seafood restaurant,
plus some non-fish choices for those who don't like fish.
Excellent service.
Not cheap, but well worth the price.
Tel: +356 21317053

Bacco (Web-Site)

Lotte Shopping Avenue,
Mainly Italian cuisine. Good and friendly service.
One of the few places where it is safe to drink wine in Jakarta (i.e. it doesn't taste like boot polish).
Tel: +62 21 2988 8909

The Austernkeller (Oyster Cellar) (Web-Site)

Stollbergstrasse 11, Munich, Germany. Wonderful seafood (including oysters & lobsters), plus a good selection of meat dishes (including amazing fois gras). Friendly service (service and menus also in English, but usually without the specials). Tel: +49 89 298 787
Kun Tuk Amalienstrasse 81,
80799 Munich (Schwabing), Germany.
Fantastic Thai food.
You need to reserve to get a table.
Tel: +49 89 283 700
Lemar Brunnstrasse 4,
80331 Munich, Germany.
Afghan Restaurant.
Good food, friendly service.
Tel: +49 89 269 49454
Taj Mahal Nymphenburgersrasse 145,
80636 Munich, Germany.
Indian Restaurant.
Excellent food & very friendly service.
Tel: +49 89 1200 7050
La Bouche Jahnstrasse 30,
80469 Munich, Germany.
French Restaurant.
Excellent food at surprisingly good prices, & friendly service.
Tel: +49 89 26 56 26
The Master's Home Frauenstraße 11
80469 Munich.

A really fun restaurant. After a cocktail in the bar, and a tour around the rooms (all decorated and furnished as a colonial settler's house in Zimbabwe - Rhodesia, as it was then), you can sit down to your surpise menu.

The staff are friendly and efficient, The food (mainly French & Italian style) is absolutely fantastic. The tables are beautifully decked, and the dining room is lavishly decorated.

Tel: +49 89 22 9909
Sushi Cent Schneckenburgerstraße 31
81675 Munich (Haidhausen - actually the entrance is at Grillpaarzerstraße 38).

Not just a sushi bar, but a nice low-priced Japanese restaurant. The staff are very friendly. Service is excellent.

The sushi & sashimi (which I prefer over sushi) is excellent and freshly made. The menu of hot dishes is not huge, but also excellent. They have some good wines.

As well as a restaurant, you can order food to take away, or have it delivered.

Tel: +49 89 475 834
Rusticana (web-site in German & English) Grillparzerstraße 5
81675 Munich (Haidhausen).

Really excellent steaks and ribs, very popular with American tourists.

The ribs are famous throughout Munich (people get take-away ribs to take to the beer gardens in the summer); the steaks are properly ripened, and when you order "rare", it is rare; the sides (tomato salad, coleslaw, etc.) are also fantastic.

It can be a bit cramped at the tables and the bar, and you might be asked to share a table with strangers.

The major negative is that they server Spaten beer, which is nasty, which is why I either drink Weissbier or wine when there. Always busy, so you need to book.

Friendly service. English menus are available, and the staff speak English.

Tel: +49 89 470 38 87